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Home management of Covid and Virtual Ward Toolkit

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Home management of Covid and Virtual Ward Toolkit
« on: November 01, 2020, 02:35:08 PM »
An optimistic post this
so many people worldwide are working on Covid, diagnosis treatment management as well as vaccines etc
i came across this superb initiative today which helps to prevent Hospitals becoming overloaded by means of better diagnosis, treatment and management at home with the use of oximeters - SATS monitors and recording daily levels etc . As a clinical finding of a low sats % is fairly indicative of Covid, I originally was wary that various vulnerables and smokers etc actually function on lower sats levels in their daily lives, so it seemed important that base levels, their normal levels were known, so that there wouldn't be a knee jerk response of Covidity.
Anyhow then i came across these Virtual Ward models which have been piloting so well in the Southampton areas and beyond.
There is a recorded Zoom presentation/webinar (brilliant fella onboard Dr Matt Inada-Kim, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, presents Covid virtual wards) on this page which will be very useful for Practitioners like ourselves who are currently practising (we are not, but we are still involved with supporting those that are)
The link also has the resources that can be downloaded as well as the latest triage slides being used which help with the latest symptomatology along with clinical signs and findings.
If we were currently working i would be adding SATS readings now as a default to all case histories along with BP and pulse and the myriad of other info we usually record when we examine & Ortho-test on consult and treat.

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