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info please (deleting records, clinic licences and custom costs)

Started by admin, December 05, 2008, 12:50:10 AM

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I downloaded your demo a couple of months back & think ití is great. Weíve been looking for something that is specific to our line of work & your solution is ideal.
Just a couple of questions:

1.   On the demo we were unable to delete the clients on the main tab but could delete the other records. If we purchase the system will we be able to clear it or does it come without sample info?
2.   If we purchase the system, can we then use it for multiple computers (we have 2 computers in our centre) or do we have to purchase a new license for each copy? If we need to purchase a license for each copy how much is an additional license?
3.   How often is the system updated?
4.   is it possible to disable the Skype function and then enable it at a later stage? When I tried to disable it on the demo it kept saying an extension was missing and it couldnít remove it.
5.   I also have other practitioners who are interested in purchasing the system so there may be requirements for additional info to be added to the system ñ what are your approximate charges for any custom changes, and is a new release done or is it on a customer by customer basis?

Please get back to me asap as we are very interested in buying the system.


hi T
1/ it is possible to delete all, using either "delete all" on page 1 (rhs at 4pm) or by choosing to clear the patient's table in import/export, and yes when you register you can still clear all data

2/ Ordinarily you purchase a license for each copy but if you are using it in the same centre then i think it will be alright just to purchase 1 copy, but be careful having more than 1 access point for your data, as if people can access either - then  you can get into problems re missing or duplicate data

3/ the software is constantly evolving - we have released several updates this year, but as a registered user you pay nothing for a year- for maintenance updates

4/ the best thing with the skype button - is simply not to use it-
i think skype is best used from within the skype aplication - if you want to export some people's details from crystalsolutions - you can , then import them into your skype application.

5/ remember most of the fields are editable - click in the Practitioner field for example and chose edit at the bottom. you can then add or modify the drop down lists for new practitioners. likewise you can add accounts for the different practitioners.

if you require a custom change or 2 - we can do it - but it costs us time and testing - for  layout changes of say 2-5 changes - we would charge £100 approx

the best thing is to send us your requirements with pics if possible
(take a screen snap and then edit with a pen in a graphics program what you want changing - send result as an attachment

i trust this answers some of your questions

please get back to us if you need more detailed explanations



Hi Jol,

Thank you so much for the info ñ if we have any customized changes weíd like weíll let you know. We will definitely be making a purchase within the next couple of weeks. The system you have is awesome and itís so nice to finally find something specific to our field. Youíre going to have a lot of business from SA   ;D

Have a great weekend  ;D