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Title: does it print envelopes, or is it just labels -
Post by: admin on April 02, 2008, 07:55:59 PM
hi debbie

envelope printing would use label printing -

 as with all labelprinting, i would suggest you print a test page to check allignment against your avery label sheet.

In the current version of the product, only one non-specific label type is included. In future versions, it is intended that the main label types in general use (for instance, Avery Standard 5660) will be catered for.

below is help from setup/ stationery/labels (see also the stationery gem at the top) with its help.

Setup - Stationery Labels (Business Model: All)
The Setup - Stationery Labels page can be used to set-up label printing for the product. Printing of labels can be disabled, the type of label (Standard or Custom) chosen and the message and label-graphics can be defined.

Field Information
The following is a summary of the available fields on this screen:

   * Printing Disabled
      Click on this field to disable the printing of labels. No users will be able to print out labels if this value is checked.
   * Type Standard/Custom
      A Standard label is the simplest type of label to print. It contains your company address at the top of the
      letter on the right-hand side, but has no special letterhead.
      Custom letters on the other hand, have a letterhead that is either a picture or (centred) text, of your choice.

      When you select Custom, a Template field appears and you can choose between the available templates. These are
      currently "Label Picture" (to display a picture at the top of each label) and "Label Typed" (to display a typed message
      at the top of each label).
   * Label Message
      This is a text area where you can type in and format text of your choice, to appear at the top of each label. To format
      the text, select it and right-click on it, choosing one of the formatting options (Font, Size, Style or Colour).
   * Label Graphic
      You can choose a graphic to display at the top of each label, by right-clicking in the graphic area and choosing an
      image file (.jpg, .gif, etc) from your system, using the Insert Picture command. Alternatively, you can simply type a
      path into the Path field below it.

When you are ready to preview (or print) a set of labels, click on the Setup button. This will take you to the appropriate (label) printing page, where you can preview your labels, print them out and modify their print-orientation, etc.

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