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Title: Barrister published guide to using the law to fight cuts
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Steve Broach has today published a guide for campaigners to use the law to fight cuts to disabled children's services. He has done this in his capacity as a barrister, based on his understanding as to how the law can be use to strategically challenge.

The intention of the paper is to provide practical guidance as to how campaigners and local groups can use the law to defend services - rather than offering a detailed guide to the law. The paper also includes contact details for some of the solicitors who specialise in cases involving disabled children - with thanks to all those who agreed to their details being included.

Follow this link to access the guide: http://www.ncb.org.uk/edcm/news/news_archive/2011_news_archive/2011_news_archive/3_mar_11_using_the_law.aspx (http://www.ncb.org.uk/edcm/news/news_archive/2011_news_archive/2011_news_archive/3_mar_11_using_the_law.aspx)

EDCM are also working with him on a more detailed guide to the law for parents/carers based on Disabled Children: A Legal Handbook.
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