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Short breaks are offered to children between the ages of 0-18 either in their own home or at The Children’s Trust. The Short Breaks Service, which is nurse-led, is able to manage complex medical cases including children with a tracheostomy and or enteral feeding.

In the first instance a child may be referred to The Children’s Trust by a professional or family member. In most cases we contact the Social Worker involved and get permission to carry out an assessment. This is carried out by one of the nurses who will either assess the child at The Children’s Trust or at the child’s home. If the assessment demonstrates that the child’s needs can be met, the information gathered at the assessment will be collated to form the basis of the child’s care plan. A report containing all the information including recommendations will be sent to the parents, social worker and also included in the application for funding information which is sent to the responsible funding authority.

Our flexible packages of care are often designed to mix residential short breaks with care given at home. The Short Breaks Service aims to meet the needs of children over a wide geographical area including locations where alternative provision is limited.

For further information please contact Wendy McConnon via e-mail or on 01737 365080.
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