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Maze Maize on 24 August

Started by jol, July 12, 2010, 08:39:21 PM

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Hi to All, message from Oak Lea Trust Bev Powell

Just a reminder and a nudge about the trip to Grizedale Forest on Tuesday 27th July. There is a bus arrange to set off from Oaklea Trust, Wattsfield House, Wattsfield Lane Kendal at 10 am and return back from Grizedale at 3pm. If anyone would like to join us please let me know ASAP or I will have to cancel the bus from Kendal.

We also have a bus arranged to go to the Maze Maize on 24 August same time and place for pickup.


Kind Regards

Bev Powell

Team Manager (Children and Young People)

The Oaklea Trust


T: 01539 735025

M: 07553358727