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What are your views on Steering Group Allocation Funding of £50k?

Started by jol, January 10, 2011, 08:40:24 AM

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Your views on Steering Group Allocation Funding of of £50k and their choices as to its dispersal?

* £51,500 bid system for community providers across Cumbria to make various equipment purchases through the Parents Learning to Change Steering Group. see http://www.soul-trade.com/change/county-facilities/gt-half-a-million-pounds-of-funding-has-been-earmarked-across-the-county/

for example..

does this really have to be spent now? and on 'equipment purchases' ?

can not an independent trust fund be set up by the group, to 'hold' such fundings; to allow it to spend in a more considered manner, as opposed to ' having to spend said sum by march/april 2011' It could then be designated as appropriate, whilst allowing discharge of the fundings from Cumbria CC in the timeframe they are constrained by...


I think it would be an appropriate measure for the steering group to immediately write to the Head of Childrens services asking for a clear and written account of exactly why families have not been receiving short break services appropriate to their individual needs.(As evidenced by the 50,000K underspend?)
Asking also who is to be held accountable for the massive underspend.In addition asking for clear paramators of how funding bids need to be written and for a clear explanation of why steering group members have been advised that bids must be for capital expenditure only.This in itself surely against the spirit and intention of the Short Break funding.It would be interesting to find the legal accuracy of this direction.