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First Meeting Agenda Topics & Ideas

Started by jol, October 20, 2009, 12:09:49 PM

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First Meeting Agenda Topics & Ideas.
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short breaks & collation of info, has been sited as the 2 possible & most needed first agenda topics ( 1st cumbria conference)

re collation -- we await the availability of info pack of nearly all related groups services and amenities, apparently already underway with a paid staff?

re short breaks
and as a way of introducing discussion about/with professionals - which  who and when do they become involved.......



Perhaps an information pack could be made available on diagnosis, containing info on entitlements for the child and the carers, support groups, therapy services, social services etc. This would involve the PCT of course. What do you think??


i agree but wonder if this is best achieved by utilising a potential Lead Professional  to every child, young person and family with complex needs...

this would then include those with no definite diagnosis - fairly common in early years, but whose symptom ranges were within yellow/red flag criteria.....

(see page 4 of the durham 2nd conference report - link on the upper left of this page for their experiences of setting up a Lead Professional approach)

i make no excuses for pointing our discussions to the durham document as it allows us to shortcut certain approaches and can save us from re-inventing the wheel....

obviously our county has specific and unique factors which would mean customising any borrowed approach - and it would obviously depend on the professionals in our area and resources being available - but if we can put forward a possible model for their assessment then, progress can then be made together.......

the durham document also discusses "short breaks" and 'transport' which impacts much of this county's decisions. the other area worth reading is their section on 'information'


another way would be info pack or website available, along with the initiation of a county passport - thus avoiding forever having to repeat a chipped or broken child's case history, which is so often the case..

see also this thread http://www.soul-trade.com/change/index.php?topic=35.0

re a county passport- we keep our boys' passports online here

if anyone needs server space for putting or assembling an online passport for their child - which could be password protected for parent's and professional's use- they should contact me here btw......or simply send us the passport as an pdf or .doc with the specialword you require and we will put it up for you


possible first agenda.........from comments here so far..(13/11/2009)......include:

"info pack and initiation of child 'passport' by a lead professional who can be edited/chosen by the parents"


1/ info pack does it already exist?
must it be printed (more time/bureaucracy)
possibility of it being online (especially as we await the gleanings of the lass in charge of what is available already)

what headings/ differing conditions and available groups, but universal is "entitlement" ,
in terms of .pain control/assistance/respite/care and what financial help is available.

2/ lead professional............to ensure the above and below are being strived for.....

3/ personal child passport initiation - even and especially  in cases of undecided diagnosis, with a child's symptoms and history, medicines and to do list.........

please comment...

do you want something else discussed as well or instead of the above?

for example.....

which professionals would we like to help us achieve the above , or who could perhaps enlighten us as to what has already been put in place, and what might perhaps be difficult to put in place...