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what facilities are there in county? eg residential short break?

Started by jol, March 02, 2010, 03:51:58 PM

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hi/ question
i wonder have you got a list of services, facilities for the county that i can access?
is any active collation of data being undertaken?

looked at the help 4 u site - and i will include that as a link - in the site under the area - county wide facilities
but we we are looking for what specific facilities exist in-county? for example what residential facilities are available for disabled and profoundly disabled children in-county -- their capacity and any restrictive caveats? similiarly - transition, special schools etc

can you please point me in the right direction



The respite facilities I believe are used from age 8 and above on a referral basis only ---

Special Schools

James Rennie
Corinna Cartwright, California Road, Kingstown, Carlisle, CA3 0BX – Tel 01228 607559
Head – Corinna Cartwright
No of Pupils – 137

Lynne Brownrigg – Moresby Road, Hensingham, Whitehaven, Cumbria, CA28 8TU – 01946 852676
No of pupils 92

Sandside Lodge
Martin Alloway, Sandside Road, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 9EF, 01229 894180
No of pupils 82

George Hastwell
Bernard Gummett, Moor Tarn Lane, Walney, Barrow in Furness, LA14 3LW – 01229 475253
No of pupils 80

Thomas Robson, Sandylands Road, Kendal, LA9 6JG
No of pupils 55

Residential respite

Hart Street  - Registered Manager
23 Hart Street, Ulverston, Cumbria,

Huntley Avenue – Registered Manager – Carol Milburn
Huntley Avenue, Penrith



received doc (info copied above)

yes the criteria here is important -- from age 8 and i believe that ulverston can't deal with profoundly or physically disabled children - can you confirm this? -- also huntley avenue penrith - is that similiar? over 8 - and can they accommodate severe cases. are there any website links for these respite facilities?

i assume that none of the special schools are residential - is that correct?

thx - also please tell me of anyone else i should be quizzing over this -- sry to take your time

with thx


----I'm sorry I can't answer any of your questions about the Residential
respite centres your best bet would be either to speak to them or the
Learning Difficulties and Disabilities Teams themselves. I don't believe
there are any website links I think this is probably due to the fact
they are only referral places.
 None of the schools are residential - however there is whinfell care
and Lindeth college which are residential both of these have websites

Is this information just for yourself?


many thx....

this info is for the "what facilities exist in-county" board on the cumbria learning to change website

so it can be added to, amended, corrected as necessary




Ahh I see no worries I had it in my head  that website was just for the
Aiming High information


yeah ---one of the main requests i have heard at both conferences and local meets was "what is actually already available ?"

correct me if necessary, but  isn't aiming high  primarily about short breaks? see here .. page 1

thx again