Privacy Statement for Grange and Barrow Osteopathic Clinics

Our Practice Websites have, no added Cookies and any Google Analytics data is determined by Google Privacy that can be read here
We do use third party voluntary questionnaires to assist our Quality Audit of our work, but we only request anonymous data, and hold no personal indentifying data at all —
We do not hold ANY patient information online whatsoever and keep your records secure and locked. we are required by the GOsC Council ( Osteopathic Practice Standards ) to keep patient records for a minimum of eight years after their last consultation; and if the patient is a child, until their 25th birthday. •

We also use and retain for audit, insurance and accounting purposes, as well as being able to compare your present history with your past history, together with recorded previous treatment outcomes, all of which help us to improve diagnosis and treatment choices.
We do use voluntary third party questionnaires to further assist our Quality Audit, but we only use anonymous data, and hold no personal indentifying data at all

Patients are welcome to view their case history data at any time and we will not share it with anyone else without their authority.

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Some Useful Patient Information Leaflets

what-to-expect-from-your-osteopath pdf

standards-of-osteopathic-care pdf

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