Thangka Painting by Graham Dyer
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        RIP Graham (31/12/1962 - 3/4/2014) 
 Andy Webber Studios Facebook posting

Anglers Arms Facebook posting

Graham's Memorial Bash at the Anglers Arms Facebook posting October 2014

Andy Weber has organised a copy of the Chrissie memorial song for Graham - if you want a copy or can help in its production please contact Andy via this Facebook link -- thx

here is an excerpt from the song Love Love Mission (for Graham) by Chrissie Bentley (cd available)

Amoya (A Lullaby) from the CD Tumjildi by the Full Zimbabwe (Graham on the big flute, played at his Funeral April, 2014)

om ma ni padme hum
Being and non-beings proliferate loving compassion and indivisible intelligent equanimity; Om Mani Padme Hum.
"The meaning of this mantra is: with 'OM' we are calling Avalokiteshvara, 'MANI' means the precious jewel of enlightenment,
'PAME' means liberation and 'HUM' means bestow.
Together, the meaning is: 'O Avalokiteshvara, please bestow the precious jewel of enlightenment to liberate all living beings'.
Through the recitation of this mantra we train in the compassionate mind of bodhichitta."

Last night was dedicated to graham dyer, a great musician and all round lovely guy, you will be missed. May you rest in

Posted by Anglers ARMS on Sunday, April 6, 2014