Materials I Use

The leather I use is all English bridle leather or natural veg-tan.

Traditionally made bridle leather is pit tanned and then dyed producing a lovely leather stuffed with oils and heavily waxed. This leather improves with use and age, growing soft and supple.

Veg-tan leather is similar but available in a greater variety of thicknesses and I can dye it myself.

The natural coloured wool I use for felting is usually British wool from native sheep breeds such as Jacob or Herdwick. Different wools from different breeds of sheep produce various felts, some thicker and stronger or others softer.

Some wool I source locally from farmers and friends who keep sheep.

The Alpaca wool I use is from Why Not Alpacas, Sedbergh. See links page.

The bright coloured wool I use is Merino wool from New Zealand. This wool is pre-washed, carded and dyed into a range of lovely colours. Perfect for adding a touch of colour to my work.

I have also experimented with felting dog fur from my pet dogs! My Alaskan Malamute’s fur felts very nicely and mixed with other wools can produce some interesting effects.

Working Techniques

All my leather work is carefully stitched by hand using traditional methods with an awl and two needles. The linen thread is waxed with beeswax to lengthen its life and prevent fraying.

My felt pieces are all hand felted. Some are wet felted using olive oil soap and water. Others are dry felted using felting needles.

I work in South Cumbria, NW England and will do custom commission work as required. Just email me with your requirements