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Welcome to Multi-Tasker/SoulTrader, holistic business software for busy self-employed and multi-employed, for soletraders and multi-taskers.. "because your Business has a soul"..which we hope to be releasing shortly (we haven't yet discovered a succinct tagline, but we are open to suggestions.)

- based on our tried and tested CrystalSolutions Software for Complementary Practitioners. We are nearing release now and we have decided to keep some of the "health clinic" templates in place, as examples of the custom templates we can prepare for you and your business. Best though is to try out the free working demo, which now has >20 field labels that can be customised to suit your particular needs. Over 100 of the dropdown fields are editable too, so you should be able to fit the software to your needs quite well. At a later date, once you are happy with the program you can chose to add a custom layout or 2 to reflect the specialised nature of your particular business.

April 2009

available as Multi-Trader, SoulTrader and Multi-Tasker we hope this general business software will suit you all :)

free for 50 records and only £68 for unlimited use with support -- not bad we think..............


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we have just added blockbooking to the Calendar & Schedules so as well as being able to book individual time slots within a day for any number of personnel or rooms, we can now block book daily slots, again for any number of rooms, units or properties.

we are hoping to release a FREE working Demo, limited to 50 records like CrystalSolutions and which will be available for the same price - £68 ($127) via Kagi WHICH INCLUDES 3 MONTHS 3MONTHS EMAIL/SKYPE SUPPORT we have been busy beefing up the support and now have film tutorials, Help online and within the programme, as well as FAQ's, How DO I'S and User Forums. ( I have been happy to use Skype to assist Registered users, when email support has been inadequate and 10 mins on skype can leave both parties much happier.



we have introduced "live help" for visitors to the sites and forums and I can now be available to answer queries as they arise when i am online. I should be happy too to talk with you via skype time allowing if you need to discuss anything - just email me first :)

Help in the program itself, is via page help and rollover tooltips, and an online/offline Help with a Quickstart and a group of 'how do I's? There is also a forum with FAQ'S.........

Advertising within the Solution

We shall be using the webviewers in the software as we do in CrystalSolutions, and so if you wish us to include your site or company in the dropdown choices or even be the default for the relevant page - do contact us. We have sections on Project Control, Marketing, Credit Control & Metrics as well as the usual Clients, Suppliers, Products, Statistics, Multiple Accounts (income and expense for the seperate activites that us soletraders get up to), Setup , CPD (continuing professional development - training courses and R&R!) and Schedules/Calendars At present we showcase Laboratory Testing, Herbal and Nutritional Suppliers in CrystalSolutions as well as being able to show our latest Help Online, all within the program. Again if you wish your Company to be included or even be the default - contact us I shall add more in a week or so, but first we have to finish & final test the update of CrystalSolutions for the Mac ... we have just completed a revision of the mac software which we have uploaded, and it is now tried and tested to OS X 10.5.4 - the Windows version has been neglected for too long and we now have virtual machines and Parallel installations to enable better testing. So i'll be in XP by next week.... In the meantime take a look at the links best wishes to you and yours


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