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Zahra Sugaring and Beauty Practitioner

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Zahra Sugaring Hair Removal - A Revolution in Hair Removal

The Zahra Method of Hair removal is based on ancient and traditional eastern techniques which nourish the skin as well as smoothing it, Zahra brings you a method of hair removal which surpasses any you have tried before.

Expertly trained in hair depilation, skincare and hygiene, your Zahra Practitioner will remove all unwanted hair carefully, and effectively- whilst making you feel wonderfully refreshed!

You’ll see immediately how the Zahra method removes hair more thoroughly and improves the condition of your skin, leaving it noticeably healthy, silky soft and smoother than ever before. No unwanted hair, stubbly regrowth or dryness- just skin that feels luxurious and feminine.


- No more messy creams

- No more harch chemicals

- No more steel blades

- No more discomfort

Simply a relaxing, therapeutic beauty treatment using the Zahra non-perfumed, natural and plant based preparation.

Your Zahra practitioner will introduce your skin to a new experience. To begin with your skin is gently and thoroughly cleansed. Next, using the special technique practiced only by Zahra practitioners, the soft, warm, honey like Zahra paste is gently massage onto your skin. Then exfoliating at it epilates, the golden paste is skillfully removed along with the entire hair growth - even the very finest.

To finish, your Zahra Practitioner treats your skin to an invigorating, therapeutic massage with a specially formulated non-greasy moisturiser leaving you feeling contentedly relaxed, and your skin feeling softer and more supple.

Because it is so thorough, the Zahra method gives you the confidence of knowing you are free from unwanted hair week after week.  Used regulary, your hair growth will become finer and less noticable.  the more you do it, the better it gets! Whats more, because the Zahra method is so gentle it is suitable for any part of the face or body - even on sensitive/problem skins where other hair removal methods are unsuitable.

Call for an appointment and discover how making the Zahra experience part of your regular health and beauty regime will transform your life.

You’ll never know the difference until you try.


•  Top Lip - £6.00

•  Chin - £6.00

  1. • Neck - £6.00

•  Side of Face - £6.00


•  Tidy - £8.00

  1. • Restyle and Shape - £9.50


•  Full Arms and Fingers - £15.00

•  Half Arm - £10.00

  1. • Under Arm - £9.00

Bikini Line

  1. • Tidy from - £9.00


•  Half Legs (toes to above knees) - £17.00

•  Full Leg (toes to top of thighs) - £25.00

  1. • Threequarter Leg - £20.00