week 4 and a bit

ok… got distracted…crystalsolutions now has a western and chinese astrology section that allows you to profile your patients along with a five element interpretation. Fairly basic, but gives a good introduction to the mechanism. while we were at it we tweaked a little more…New Release ***14 Aug 2008******

version history

(14/08/2008) differential diagnosis & prognosis now have value lists, making them amenable to multiple incremental entry. added printable patient report snapshot and a western & chinese astrology / 5 element profile. (11/08/2008) introduced western & chinese Astrology section, text to speech button for mac (9/08/2008) introduced Feng Shui section, fixes include acupuncture pulses now input in order, online/offline help option (20/7/2007) latest release for Mac & Windows adds blockbooking to the Calendar & Schedules, so as well as being able to book individual time slots within a day, for any number of personnel or rooms, we can now block book daily slots, again for any number of rooms, units, courses or properties.

hope to get back to the Soletrader now…..

seen some good software today but it is split into different components – a good price, but ST will be able to do most of all -in one prog so…….hopefully it wil be useful……….

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