6 months on….

april 5 2009

ok 6 months on and we’ve just released CrystalSolutions V9 with the treatment and project planning that was and still is part of soultrader.

i’ve been distracted by this release, and work on fibsboard.com “the biggest free backgammon community forum”. there have been some spin offs though, and now the FAQ and Forum for CrystalSolutions, and this business blog now have a random image that beautifies the sites. Click the photo for another random image by the way…….

A Random Image for your delight

i’ve even added it to my cave. many of our sites have had to be updated and the best portal to view the work is soul-trade.com

finally though this week i got back to soultrader and i am trying to put myself in val’s shoes where its design and content is concerned; it must be able to keep up with helpers, childminders, assistants etc and be able to integrate with her established systems for managing her direct payments (where she organises the support for our very disabled son) her blog “wittynametofollow” is here

i did some more work on the global page manager – where some of the titles used in the software can be customised (this no doubt will head to the next crystalsolutions release too)

but i am determined to get out an initial release of this multitasking software first, albeit not maybe as complete as i would like. autumn is my new target……….:)

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