being cruel to be kind/ the family business

being cruel to be kind/ the family business (the ultimate bit of nepotism)

great to see “& Daughter” on shops and vans. our busy local butcher has a very enterprising daughter who together with the mum and other colleagues who work with them , has expanded the outlet in a great way.

indeed allowing your colleagues, co workers, employees to expand not only their own horizons, but those of the business as a whole, is indeed a skill, requiring a certain amount of letting go, which
karma-like return to enlghten and nourish us all

see article on business for “just above break-even profits” with expense and drawings allowing a living!! (or the one called are you the arsehole in your business – “every business has a soul!”

all is well till pruning is required when difficult decisions have to be made – all the more difficult if family or friends are involved, though never easy.

ample time, forewarning is paramount. giving you time for to make the right decisions, time for all to re-adjustment.

All is reliant on knowing where your business IS,; if you know here it is – you have a base from which to see trends of change – you can plan – thus Soultrader is a way of putting your business into a program which allows you a snapshot of where you are – financially wise, order wise and stock wise let alone appraisals of projects, personnel and marketing.(there is a simple business health snapshot section where one can see at a glance….. accounts health/ project health/ future health /employee and customer satisfaction)

see also post on never do business with friends,

where if you like me, feel rules are for guidance and often made to break, then great co-operative enterprises can be achieved. soultrader has an account payment option of “trade” which is wonderful to search on == gives you an idea of where you are at in a co-operative sense instead of the usual pecuniary valuations. trade equates of course and must rely on some sort of “understanding of worth” to be successful.

again though good communication and early warning of change is vital – the “bad news” can be a welcome opportunity for all, if time rich – in terms of giving all, the chance to restructure, while still receiving wage or contract fee.

basic tenets of “individual contract” are paramount – setting out as many variables or possible negatives at the beginning like the newly prevalent pre marriage contracts – a situation where maybe the romantic component has been tossed entirely into the seas of babylon…

anyhow if good communication is kept up, we all have a chance, that is not to say some working relationships can be stretched to their limits, but often where there is tension , there is a multi faceted and varied approach which, when assimilated well, is in excess of the component parts

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