week 2 and a bit

ok so 2 of the milestones have been reached a week ahead of schedule (both mac and windows crystalsolutions updates have been released)

better still soultrader is now in operation and is being used , the project management part of it anyway, to project manage itself! no better way to develop and test. the booking is done as is the crystalsolution part of course – the accounts, schedules, products and stock and stationery…

we used basecamp for the project management part initially, but now we can use our own soultrader – which seems well suited to software project management.

if we were interacting with other programmers living afar then. for the project management part, basecamp or onstage or the open project alternatives,, would be best

i want now to involve the south west network component ideas – perhaps as part of the CPD/ courses or ideas area.or as an option in viewbrowser..

also the credit aware area….

and i’ve muckspread some very hot sheep manure which will give dividends in coming years for the fruit and veg let alone the flowers..as well as hampering nettle growth!

the smell of honeysuckle, jasmine, white clematis and rose in the evenings is divine

people write poems about such things…

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