week three and a bit

unfortunately i discovered that the get help script on mac versions of crystalsolutions isn’t working so an update will be required which will put us back a little, just when ideas for finishing soultrader were coming thick and fast.

Joce suggested we include a business/marketing plan so we are going to have a rudimentary template and “health box” for that. i think we will be evolving the page order over time and im wanting to release asap and then adapt to folk’s comments and suggestions. i shall be leaving some of the features limited, but available for custom additions too – maybe only having one or 2 assigns for the project to do’s as the prog is essentially for the soultrader but will provide more as time and enthusiasm allows.

also spoke with G about 5 elements as a business model, and ive started setting up page globals where users will be able to customise some of the program’s labels and maybe tabs…….

much to do still….

will be good to update CS to these new specs too….

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