herewith a xmas prezzie for you and the lady in your life....... HAPPY CHRISTMAS

and cos i have only just got to the big shops (as my balding summer tyres were no match for our drive -- i now have a full set of cheapo chinese winter tyres & chains that allow panda watching in all weather), and thus haven't sent you a personalised faberge gift, i offer this 'lucky bag' of links, my first rejected attempt at a card, family photos, val's snow pics2, canal boat trip thro ribble link, a documentary (a bit heavy mind) some music, previous xmas link cards, random photo link for enjoyment through the year, sic, a link to the ideas science and philosophy board, i managed to get up and running on fibsboard this year, which actually has got folks posting (incroyable) a short piece on the 'family and how little wilf is doing at prep skool, together with a pic of our new underground coal bunker, built by incontinent doormice in the early spring.. etc

seriously though -- here is to you and yours, and those you love; those here and those gone before -- best wishes for this xmas and coming new year all our love here at the farmhouse xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and here are some pics of wilf's sister and mum at work