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possible 1st/2nd agenda.........from comments here so far..(13/11/2009)......include:
"info pack and initiation of child 'passport' by a lead professional who can be edited/chosen by the parents"  ...http://www.soul-trade.com/change/index.php?topic=4.msg76#msg76

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Welcome to Change in Cumbria for Disabled Children and Young People

This was an Independent Parents' Interactive Site originally setup in 2009 for Learning to Change Cumbria; Aiming High Parent Participation Groups who were working alongside the Local Authority with the support of Contact a Family to help bring change to the way services were accessed and improved..part of the Parent/Professional implementation, under the "Aiming High for Disabled Children (AHDC)- Every Child Matters" Labour Government initiative.  more here

to attend one of the local area meetings and influence change in Cumbria or speak to a Parent Rep on the telephone, click here. (not sure this is still available? nov 2012) Please Register, post & correct if necessary. click here 

10/8/2016 New Cumbria Offer page here

The now unsupported website & most parts of the Forum are open for guests to peruse without registering, have a look round, use the Search above...click the flowers below! or click the forum tab above or these flowers!

smsmiley flowers

Originally setup so that once you registered and were confirmed as part of one of the local groups, you could have access to the local non public discussion areas... ie only south lakes members could view and post in the south lakes board/ non public area.... (we added non public areas to each category) The site remains on line for reference

The site allowed people to read and make comments in their own time, perhaps in advance of the local meetings if any, thus perhaps also saving the group sending out 20+ emails back and forth on each proposal/decision or upcoming event (which also don't reach those not on email lists), and thus allowing more to participate and perhaps help better refine meeting agenda .  Following these meetings, feedback etc could also be posted here too.‚  This way information would be in a separate independent area available to everyone, and future members could 'catch up' on what had happened perhaps before they got involved with the group. It could certainly assist bringing folks up to speed. eg see change in cumbria for blondes

We started to assemble what is already available in-county; resources, groups, facilities and contacts open to all to view, although much of this was promised to be available on a revamped Aiming High Cumbria County Council site where minutes and up to date information was also promised to be put.*

*as with a lot of this, it never fully happened; there appeared to be little or no continuity unfortunately, especially as funding & central government changed and support stopped. Cumbria County Council has a Short Breaks page and a news page of the achievements made (2011)

There was a Facebook Group with over 100 members at https://www.facebook.com/groups/222061497836087/ 

10/8/2016 New Cumbria Offer page here

This site was a web searchable resource for new Parents, & to allow for update of links/info, by Parents and Professionals, and as a way for folks to combine and pressure for continuing efficient services..

Please Register and Post if you can update or correct or add information, or if you have a question. thankyou

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