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change in Cumbria...for blondes!

Started by zaksmum, October 25, 2009, 03:52:33 PM

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Hiya guys, I am so new to all this I don't really know what I am talking about.
Imagine you are blonde, not fully aware of lots of terminology, and a bit scared of making a fool of yourself. With me so far?
Right....now can someone explain to said blonde what this is all about.
What do you actually do? What are the aims of 'change in Cumbria'? Who can go to the meetings? and what do you do at them?
Sorry if this is a dull post of explanations, but I wasn't completely sure what I am meant to be talking about. I really would love to get involved in anything that is going to benifit Zak and all other families in the area, but I am very new to this sort of thing, and everyone else seems much more clued up than I am....so please just go back to 'extreme' basics, and tell me a bit about this group. Thank you xxxxx Mags xxxxx
Mags, Mum to Ashleigh (11) and Zak (3) who has CP, LGS and a multitude of other Zakism's x


hi mags welcome we are pretty new too

(added later)
quick answer for those who didn't attend the first conference is to read the report here

basically there were 2 meetings in penrith which basically outlined a way in which parent/professional partnerships within a county could bring about change for families and "special kids". this might not necessarily be swift enough for our kids but could almost certainly affect future years delivery of service within a county.

if you read and use the links on the left - re durham especially -- which was the first county to have achieved things up here - and fairly quickly - you will get an idea.
here is durham's first report

where is the cumbria first conference report anybody? :) 7.15 pm edit --ok got it -- link on the left - u need to read this mags

there are local groups which you are free to attend -- the dates are on the events with details in the boards --and the agenda is still being put together - hence this site -- to allow for discussion

o and big thing there is actual funding and placement of professionals in these local groups who contain members who report and act in a steering group to affect possible change at county/decision level..

i certainly am still learning about what is possible but the best thing for now i would suggest is to read the durham conference report - check out there site - look at their first conference report then have a look at the this thread
first meeting - topics and  ideas --- agenda?

i am sure others can add to this and that will help us all to understand what is and what isn't possible

there are things that can be achieved to help our children now -- but it is best to think that we can ,by our experience, influence benficial change in future policy changes......

over to someone else
good question :)


" About Every Child Matters
Every Child Matters
?Every Child Matters? |is the UK Government?s response to the tragic death of Victoria Climbi? |and the subsequent recommendations following Lord Laming?s enquiry.

The Every Child Matters and Youth Matters agenda covers all aspects of work with children and young people in England. It calls for ?whole system reform?, with much closer working between, the vast range of agencies and staff working in the children?s workforce.

As the Minister Paul Boateng highlights in the initial green paper ?Every Child Matters?:

"This is the beginning of a long journey, which will present challenges for all of us, but from which we must not flinch. We will be called upon to make common cause across professional boundaries and with reformed structures and services to create the means by which the needs, interests and welfare of children can be better protected and advanced. Underpinning this must be not just the resources but an attitude that reflects the value that our society places on children and childhood."
taken from......

see also the links in the block on the left
whose links r downat present

i am attempting to link to whatever cumbria info is available online, but i suspect "it is on its way" - we have emailed a a few folks for info and will update as we go

perhaps someone else can assist?

get posting :)


ok here is the first cumbria conference link  held in july 2009 at penrith, which brought about the second conference a lot of us went to last week (oct 19,2009), and led to local groups.........!


thanks, I haven't been able to make it to a meeting yet.