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Securely Store Your Child's Medico-social Passport here on the Forum

Started by jol, December 09, 2009, 02:27:55 PM

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Securely Store Your Child's Medico-social Passport * here on the Forum

we have introduced an extended Ultimate profile -- a profile/pic/document/sounds area that can only be seen by your buddies or your Child's Heath & Support Professionals, who are registered here on the Forum, and who you invite to be your buddy.

this area allows you to post more details, (photos, sounds, links etc and customise your Profile Page and add Your Child's Medico-social Passport should you wish) that you can show to just your buddies, currently only available to the southlakelander membergroup, but we can enable other membergroups on request

to use - just click "ultimate profile" in your Profile.......(top Menu look above here).
Then you can add more details about yourself. If you aren't comfortable with sharing some information, simply skip it - nothing here is required.

anyone can add buddies however - go to someone's profile and in Summary,  click 'Add To Buddy List"

or if their ultimate profile is showing, look under the "contact me" section, there's a link [Add To Buddy List].  Click on that and if they want to be your buddy, they'll say yes, and you'll be buddies ...........

i have also added a mod which shows visitors to your profile, and when they visited

a detailed Child Medico-social 'passport'-  avoidis forever having to repeat a chipped or broken child's case history, which is so often the case..

see also this thread http://www.soul-trade.com/change/index.php?topic=35.msg71#msg71

re a county Child Medico-social 'passport'- we keep our boys' passports online here

and in our extended profiles here on this Forum ( just added today)

if anyone needs server space for putting or assembling an online passport for their child - which could be password protected for parent's and professional's use- they should contact me here btw......or simply send us the passport as an pdf or .doc with the specialword you require and we will put it up for you

or simply add the details to the new Ultimate Profile area described above

do ask if you need assistance

below are a couple of screenshots of the extended private profile area visible only to 'buddies' and health professsionals we have added as buddies........