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attend Local area meetings and influence Change in Cumbria for Disabled Children

Started by jol, February 09, 2010, 02:09:07 PM

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"The government will allocate almost £700,000 to increase the number of short breaks for a year from this April (2009). That figure will rise to £2 million for the year from April 2010". http://www.cumbria.gov.uk/news/2009/january/27_01_2009-113616.asp

attend local area meetings and influence change in cumbria

There is now a parent lead in each area with a mobile number to answer 
any questions you may have. These numbers are as follows:

to find out the when and where of the next meeting in your area look in the Forum or contact..

in the West..... Rachael Davies and Dawn Raynor 07825 099480
in Furness... Jackie Bell 07825 125657
in South Lakeland.....Glynis & Steve Pepperell & Joanna Cartwright 07825 112548
in Carlisle.........Kelly Monks or Joanna Cooper-Holmes 07824 838498
in Eden....... Hazel Hanley & Sandra Taylor 07825 838505

tel Members above  to make contact

As these mobiles are held by parents you may not get an answer straight away,  
but leave a message and they will get back to you as soon as they can.

also feel free to make contact  here by registering and posting a request..

Using the site
Click on the flowers on the front page to enter the Forum and read the posts  (to comment you must register)
to get the best from the site - register! , then when you return you can choose "unread posts since your last visit" from the top right hand of the Front page

use the search and calendar -- look around - get posting and by all means ask for help if you need it - webmaster@soul-trade.com


the parent contacts are now by telephone
details above and below

also to recap there are 2 meetings available for Parents to attend -- locality meetings that feed into 'steering group meetings, and stakeholder meetings, again held in various locations -- do ask your rep for more info as required and also have a look at the Calendar here and on the Cumbria CC site.


nov 2012 this from http://www.cumbria.gov.uk/childrensservices/schoolsandlearning/ils/shortbreaks.asp

Children's Services also have a nominated representative on the Learning to Change group - Joanne King.  Joanne.King@cumbria.gov.uk T:01228 226939

You can also contact your Parent Partnership Co-ordinator through the Children's Services Parent Partnership Service

Karen Hull  -Barrow and South Lakeland Karen.Hull@cumbria.gov.uk

Celia Jones –Barrow and South Lakeland Celia.Jones@cumbria.gov.uk

Phyllis Bowler –Allerdale and Copeland Phyllis.Bowler@cumbria.gov.uk

Janette Baines – Allerdale and Copeland Janette.Baines@cumbria.gov.uk

Gwen Hawley –Carlisle and Eden Gwen.Hawley@cumbria.gov.uk

Emma Penketh –Carlisle and Eden Emma.Penketh@cumbria.gov.uk