we produce software (Windows and Mac) for therapists and clinics, available online as a free working demo with Registration costing £68 supported for 3 months, with extended 1 year email support packages for £30. Custom database solutions, based on the online software, are also available from as little as £100.

New Version 8 here now! Screenshot

What Does It Do?

Download available NOW HERE

Requires OS X 3.9 or above, or Windows XP or 2000 or above.

Free working Demo available to download.....20 mb windows, Mac Universal (PPC & Intel) is closer to 50 mb

Price is £68 with 3 months email support, with options to extend for a year for £30.



previous crystalsolutions for all operating systems are still available for download here but are now no
longer being supported. We recommend upgrading your operating system to take advantage of our all new software!





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