Support includes 3 months Free email techSupport ,

An online HELP Manual (1/11/06) -(html - it uses your browser) (a new version is already included in demo download(1/11/06)) ie/ u don't need to download it, but you might want to bookmark the link to go back to later, DO check online for new added pages (new pages not in the demo manual are asterisked * as r revised ones) There is also a pdf manual available.

Extended Support for an additional 1 year) for the Complimentary Practice Solution -email techSupport and free upgrades/updates is available for only £30 and all Registered Users can avail themselves of the Registered Users Pages/Forum/FAQ There is also a DemoUsers Comments & FAQ

As well as html and pdf manuals, Help is available within the program itself and all the main layouts have an immediate overview of all the main buttons most with


Registered Users are on our database. please keep your identity
Extended_Support code for reference and use it in any
correspondance along with your Kagi receipt email.

In EMERGENCY mark your email "crucial" in the subject field of emailheader

we are mostly working practitioners so we can only offer limited email
support and bulletin board support, but the programme has been working successfully on mac and
windows for over 7 years and most problems are solvable by reading
the help and manuals, so we ask that you check the website first for
the updated FAQ'S & manuals.. thanks

please quote your identity code in any correspondance to "" along with your Kagi receipt email.


Please download the latest manuals & FAQ at
Help Manual
we are updating them frequently and you will be able to see their
version dates.

QUICKSTART Manual for Legacy Software




Email address:





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