Small Business Software CRM available soon (expected shipping towards end of 2006)

on similiar lines to the practice software, but only available for windows xp / 2000 and mac os x - Soultrader is tailored to the needs of a general business CRM - with accounts, reception, contact diaries calendar, statistics and stock. All in a package available to try online as a working demo with registration and support for $87. Custom database solutions, based on the online software, is also available from as little as $100.


What it Does & What it Doesn't Do

Although it has an excellent easy to use Accounts structure with Reports and Audit, Soultrader does not replace a conventional Accounts package as used by Accountants - We use it day to day for all entries, and then at year end,, put the monthly income totals and expenses by Category, into an Accounts programme for use by our Accountants to produce Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets. (Our Accountants use Sage for example) This takes a day or so in general and is much faster than using Accountant packages on a day to day approach, as they tend to be tedious when used daily. The detail can be provided by Soultrader either electronically (direct import to your accounts package) or on printed sheets. The programme allows for direct export and import in all major formats and if total automation is required, one can "export" daily, weekly or monthly as needed.

Either for the emerging business or the established concern, we have aimed to provide a way in which the proprieter and staff can input contacts, customers, suppliers - diary: sales or meetings, produce statements of worth - stock, cash and generally keep abreast of all the day to day workings of an SME all within one programme at a price, available even to the new entrepreneur ($87). There are levels of access if required, so that a Receptionist can handle contacts and Diaries, Sales or Purchases but does not have Account reporting etc

As with our other software, a free working Demo with inbuilt help and a tutorial is available online with an option to Register once you are satisfied with its operation. Customised versions are available; contact us on email initially.



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