so what’s so wrong with a bit of nepotism?

so what’s so wrong with a bit of nepotism?

my mate, a lawyer in your neck of the woods, has just had his daughter doing work / work experience alongside him in the office, he must be chuffed to bits…..apart from the bills – she’s become a real lush since she went to uni.( dave thought that i might have seen her along with the wonderful drunk Scots folks who helped us with our tent at Knockengorrach (link to jethro collins xcellent photos) early this summer)…very wonderful event by the way….another slideshow

anyhow i told him how our lad had won the egg and spoon ( my mates, and even i, a long time ago, being sporty types)… i even admitted to a little coaching pre-week… Dave knew how we felt as his own daughter – the now lush-like lovely, and our lads- were born very premature, and were to all intents and purposes , hospital-held for a year at birth, my lad a twin was 1.7 , while Rose was over 2lbs!!. now my lad is doing very well – he’s 6 — but he’s small, and has peripheral sight problems, and is generally behind when it comes to kicking footballs, and catching things. His mum procured a trampoline – kindly donated from a family who had had many a season of joy in its presence. Along with the elderly climbing frame now supported with pole and twine) from a previous brood – he has done well and is getting stronger and more co-ordinated. but he still has slight legs like his lovely counterpart Rose had, who, Dave told me, had impressed him mightily at her school – many moons ago, when she had manfully- woman-fully finished a running race – albeit a way behind the mob – but she had finished. anyhow back to the nepotism bit– how often in the 10-20 years have i heard it slighted – he/she is related to so and so, and that’s how they got there…. yes and so what…. you don’t have to advertise, vet and nowadays .summon up reports and police checks. it isn’t as if it’s always the easier option either , involving loved ones…. but especially for initial fixed contracts perhaps , can be advantageous to all they often already know a bit about you and your work – and the “feel” you have for it. they will then more than like as not, amplify that . – they already in effect have a platform to raise to … unless of course your own standards are slovenly and disheveled…..

now the relevance to the soultrader/ the soletrader is often they, the small concern / soletrader, can be slow to employ and delegate, citing reasons of cost and expertise; but the value of eclectic nepotism, would be in the fact that often a reduced wage, or flexible work hours, can be achieved to suit both parties, and that an understanding of future shared benefits – if things turned out, can be assimilated much quicker. i even caught myself thinking of the poor MP’s for a minute there… but of course they went and spoilt it all by overpaying them and saying they were, who they weren’t u help who you can, but you practice with who you love, and who they love, and those loved by all around you… i know Adam and Graham will help with the wheelchair swing we are designing for the other twin, see trolley and ramps.

we have been assisted in our understanding of the area of co-operative living by the many great people (>20 directly employed here in varying degrees and another > 20 at the wondreful school he attends) who assist Matthew – he is PMLD disabled – very broken, but with a ready smile. His mother (a v busy lady) actually employs people on a self-employed basis , using the direct payments system. Others are paid by the local authority – health, social and education depts. Using the Soultrader software she can keep abreast of her finances in individual accounts dealing with house rental, 2 osteopathic practices, the direct payments scheme employing up to 10 people on flexi hour self employed statu;.the drop down menu subsets allow for one complete database for all patients personnel suppliers etc and allow easy Finds – when she needs to see where she is and realise the individual account summary totals. (see screenshot) now i wonder if Graham’s son Ewan can help me with the lawn …. for the minimum wage mind… more see “being cruel to be kind – family businesses”

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